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I like the sounds (DJ Sneak Remixes), Studio 45 Presents Le Pamp Play Housse


Come back to me / Alright (The Remixes), Janet Jackson


Keep on jumpin^, The Lisa Marie Experience


I can see clearly (Murk mix), Deborah Harry


Tree Frog, Hope


Found Love (Danny Tenaglia mix), Double Dee (feat. Dany)


Voice of Freedom, Freedom Williams


Work That Love, Junior Flex (feat. Linda Rice)


Marta^s Song (Armand mix), Deep Forest


Everybody get on up (Cevin Fisher), Carmen Electra


Boricua Posse (the Remix), Rare Arts (feat. Flex)


Caf~ Con Leche, El Presidente


Schizofrenia-The worst day of my life, Quadrophonia


We gotta love, Kym Sims


Rain song (Ralphi Rosario), Shannon


100% Pure Love, Crystal Waters


This time (Stonebridge), Michelle Sweeney


A woman^s got the power (Thunderpuss), Jennifer Holliday


The beat that shook the world, Veronique


Let the sunshine in, 49ers


Together Again (Tony Humphries), Janet Jackson


Notice me, Sandee


Smile N^ Shine, Anneli Magnusson


Waiting for the sun, Ruff Driverz


If you want my love (here it is), The Cover Girls


Pacific Symphony, Transformer 2


LSI (Love, Sex, Intelligence), The Shamen


Down to the waistline (honey) / You know what I mean / Like This, Morel^s Groove (Part 3)


The lover who rocks you, India


Makin^ Happy, Crystal Waters


Hidden Heritage / The Dream, Re-combination


House Music (Deep Dish - Double 12^), Eddie Amador


God made me funky / Brighter Days, MD X-press


Lately (Jonathan Peters ^ Double 12^), Divine


In the rain (Todd Terry), Nerissa


I specialize in love, Expose


Love can move mountains (Tommy Musto), Celine Dion


All I do is think about you, Intense (feat. Charvoni)


Good thang, Smoove Swing (feat. Joey Kidd)


Thank You, Su Su Bobian


Never gonna let you go, Chandra Simmons


The Moonlight, Saturday


Tender Lovin^ Care, Lori Gold


Deeper, Susan Clark


I^ll house you, Jungle Brothers


I wanna have some fun, Samantha Fox


I saw you dancin^ (Armand mix), Yaka-Da


Give it up / Land of haze, The Goodmen


Dope house is in command, M.C. Kid


Dream assault / Tales from a Dark side / Vintage anthem / Paranoia, Soulshock and Karlin


Something special, Nomad


Speed (Speed Racer), Alpha Team


You^ll never find another love, The Jerel Black Project


99, Cassius


Bitch, Shine


Checkin^ the cuts, Barr & Winchester


Can^t get enough of your love (Double 12^ pack), Taylor Dayne


So much love (Double 12^ Pack / David Morales), Malaika


Scream (Double 12^ Pack / David Morales), Michael Jackson


Love will never do (Double 12^ Pack / Shep mixes), Janet Jackson


I get lonely (Jason Nevins Remixes), Janet Jackson


I get lonely (Double 12^ Pack), Janet Jackson


Tribal Dance, 2 Unlimited


To be house, S.S.R.


Got ^til its Gone (Double 12^ Pack / Morales & Armand mixes, Janet Jackson


Your love takes me higher, The Beloved


Let the rhythm pump, Doug Lazy


Slide on the rhythm, Arizona feat. Zeitia


Set me free, Clubland feat. Zemya Hamilton


Let it roll, Doug Lazy


Come to Butt-head (Double 12^ Pack), Beavis and Butthead


Situation, Circuit Boy


Snapshot, RuPaul


Gotta take her home, Flig h t


Eau De Chante^, Delicious Inc.


What can you do for me (David Morales), Utah Saints


Gonna catch you, Lonnie Gordon


A rose is still a rose (Double 12^ Pack / Hex Hector / Johnny Vicious Remixes), Aretha Franklin


Big Loverman, unknown artist (White label)


Love-peace & happiness, Soul Solution


James Brown is dead (Re-Remix), L.A. Style


Outta Limits, Mission Control


Pump up the jam, Technotronic


Heaven, KCC feat. Emile


Greater, Duke


I^m gonna make you mine, Tanya Blout


One more night (Junior Vazquez Remixes), Amber


We gotta do it, DJ Professor feat. Zappala


C^mon and get my love, D-Mob feat. Cathy Dennis


The wrath of khan, Mystic Knights


Get ready for this, 2 Unlimited


Just wanna dance / Weekend, The Todd Terry Project


Let the music play, M.K. Project


Plastic Dreams, Jaydee


Where do we go, Ten City


The audio sensations (Ep), Grant Nelson & Richard Purser


Do you love what you feel, Inner City


The whistle song, Frankie Knuckles


My love is for real (Junior Vasquez Remixes), Paula Abdul


Hippy Opera, The Hippy Opera


Love Baby / Crazy Earth, Fortran 5


This beat is technotronic, Technotronic


Beautiful / Tribe, Babble


Partay feeling, B Crew feat. Barbara Tucker & Ultra Nate


Cry India, Umboza


Work it to the bone, LNR


Dance to the house, The House Crew feat. Bonz


Waterfall 97^ remixes, Atlantic Ocean


Remember the time, Michael Jackson


E.S.P., Deee-lite


Superficial People, Ten City


Love Desire, Sandee


Get up (Move boy move), AB Logic


I^m Ravin^, L.A. Style


Cravin^ Your Love, Samantha


The Tony B (Ep / Music / Big ass bitch), Tony B


A better way (Red Vinyl), Chantel


Hands to heaven (Double 12^ Pack / Vission / Dj Icey Remixes), Pure Sugar


Dooky Boody, DJ D-Man & Billy Boy


Love is just a heartbeat (Red Vinyl), Gloria Gaynor


Get up stand up, Stighetti Junction


Body Medusa ( Rare ^Tribal^ Label), Supereal


Can^t help myself, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor


Funky Groove, Beat and Peter


Agroovin^, Bizzare Inc


Get Higher / Rubberband (Double 12^ Pack) (Rollo & Sister Bliss mix), Black Grape


Searching, M.B. Industry feat. Toni Ann


Unfulfilled desire, Swains


Take me higher, Inner Spirit fet. CeCe Rogers


This Joy (Razor and Guido Mixes), Vernessa Mitchell


To go crazy (in the 20th century), Lee Marrow


Never Ever (Booker T mixes), All Saints


Shake that body, Robi Rob feat. Ya kid K


Brothers & sisters, CeCe Rogers


Zombie, A.D.A.M feat. Amy


Whoot, here it is (the answer) Mood II swing remixes, Dis N Dat


Please Don^t go (Double 12^ Pack), No Mercy


Horny, Mousse T


Head, Transister


Without you, Touch


Together Again (Tony Humphries Double 12^ Pack), Janet Jackson


All over the world (Danny Tenaglia), Wailing Souls


In De Ghetto, David Morales & The Bad Yard Club feat. Delta


Yeah^ I got you movin^, Rare Arts feat. R.I.C.


Come into my nest, T.T.O. Boys


I want you, Juliet Roberts


Deep in the underground, Da Mooch


Your loving arms, Billie Ray Martin


Whistling in paradise, J. Soundtools


Good time, Sound Factory


Becky at her best, DJ Henry Hall


Ain^t no stoppin^ hip house, Kool Rock Steady & Sundance


The lover that you are, Pulse


Can^t get enough of your love, Taylor Dayne


Pride (mood II swing remix), Rachid


Get Dumb (free your body), The Crew


Dr. Love (remixes), First Choice feat. Rochelle Fleming


Cascade, Escape


Stomp (Move, jump, jack your body), KYZE


I^ll be your friend, Robert Owens


Up to no good (remixes), The Porn Kings


Sweat, Jay Williams


Pants R Saggin^, DJ Tragic


Crayzy Man, Blast feat. VDC


Just can^t get enough, Transformer 2 feat. ASLI


Technotronic Megamix / Come on, Technotronic


Construction Crew (AKA Black Box), Ride on time


Big Fun, Inner City


I like to move it, Reel 2 Real


Deep, East 17


Skin (Club 69 Anthem mixes), Charlotte


Music feels good with you, Spacedust


Good Times, The Hip Grinders


Firewalker (RH factor mix / Double 12^ Pack), Rickie Lee Jones


Mirage, Jellybean


Salsa House, Richie Rich


Let there be house, Deskee


So Hard (Morales remixes), Pet Shop Boys


Mozart^s Revenge, Crazy Ivan


Twilight Zone, 2 Unlimited


House of love (Murk mixes), East 17


Who do you love (Morales Remixes), Deborah Cox


I want your love, J. Dee


Now that you^re gone, Dj Antione Vs. Mad Mark


Don^t you want me, Felix feat. Jomanda


Budda X / Happy Vibes / Groove Girl X, Da X Grooves


Rhythm is a dancer (Rollo mix), Snap!


Just Believe (Clear Vinyl), Little Louie Vega & Tony Humphries


I can^t dance alone, Fullalove


One more try (Dance mixes), Divine


The way we were, Angelique


Turn it up / Salsa House, Richie Rich


Crazy, Daisy Dee


Crazy (remixes), Daisy Dee


Saturday Night (Spike Mixes), Whigfield


Saturday Night, Whigfield


Love in motion (Double 12^ Pack), Bizarre Inc


Keep on jumpin^ (Bizarre Inc mix), Lisa Marie Experience


Carnival of sounds / We gotta love, KA-22


Let there be light (BT mix), Mike Oldfield


Unity, Unity


I know / House of prayer / 4 the luv of, D.J. Skipp unreleased project


Unknown track (White Label), Degrees of Motion


Are you ready to fly, Rozalla


Take a toke, C&C Music factory


Kick your legs in the air (DJ Irene), P.I.M.P. Project


If only u could see, Weed


Love is the message / I Love Music (Philadelphia Classics Lp / 2 Copies Available), MFSB / The O^Jays


Best of house music (Lp) (Profile) (2 copies available), Marshall Jefferson / J.M. Silk / 2 Puerto Ricans a Blackman and a Dominican


This is ^Strictly Rhythm^ Volume 3 (Double Lp) (2 Copies Available), 12 Tracks-Various Artists


This is ^Strictly Rhythm^ Volume 2 (Double Lp), 11 Tracks ^ Various Artists (Contains ^Follow me by Aly-Us & ^Can you feel it by CLS)


I need a rhythm (Lp), The 28th st Crew


Just visiting this planet (Lp), Jellybean (Contains ^Just a mirage^ & ^Jingo^)


Adventures of Stevie V (Lp), Stevie V (Contains ^Dirty Cash^ & ^Jealously^)


Rhythm Method (Lp), Various Artists (James Brown, Simon Harris)


Funhouse, Jammix (Tommy Musto)


The New Anthem, NJOI


Boy Sandman, ASCUK18 BLUE


Discorsi / Y.M.O. at Bahia / Boa Ney, Neuro-Trancer


I never knew love / Help myself, Chez Damier


When you love someone (Danny Tenaglia Mixes) / I found it (Double 12^ Pack), Daphne


The spirit, 2 Def DJ^s Vs. Mr. Freeze


Funny Bunny Boy, Evelyn


Kick it in / Closer, Keith Litman


The Keepers / Do it, Limonada Grooves


I love to Bass (2 Copies Available), Bardeux


Pennies from heaven (2 Copies Available), Inner City


Come with me tonight / Base line dimension / Mechanical Maddness / Meltdown (2 Copies Available), 78th Street Project


One Man (2 Copies Available), Chanelle


Pride (A deeper love) (2 Copies Available), C&C Music Factory


One step at a time (2 Copies Available), Jay Williams


This is acid (A new dance craze) (2 Copies Available), Maurice


The New Anthem (2 Copies Available), Reel to Real Feat. Erick Moore


Jack to the sound of the underground (2 Copies Available), Hithouse


Wiggle it (2 Copies Available), 2 in a room


The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show (2 Copies Available), DJ Pepe & Tolete


Back to the world (Bobby D^ Ambrosio remixes) (2 Copies Available), Tevin Campbell


Break 4 Love (2 Copies Available), Raze


I don^t know anybody else (2 Copies Available), Black Box


I can^t get no sleep (2 Copies Available), Masters at work feat. India


NuNu (2 Copies Available), Lidell Townsell


Flamenco Trip (2 Copies Available), T.U.S.O.M.


I wanna be someone (2 Copies Available), Club Z


Monster Jam / Everybody / Another side to you (@ Copies Available), Ambassadors of funk


Symphony (2 Copies Available), Donell Rush


Do it properly (The Original) (2 Copies Available), 2 Puerto Ricans a Blackman and a Dominican


Got a love for you (2 Copies Available), Jomanda


Tonight is party time (2 Copies Available), Outta Control


S^Express (I got the hots for you) (2 Copies Available), S^Express


Let^s Work (2 Copies Available), Ice Cream Tee


I will catch u (2 Copies Available), Nokko


Sweet and low (2 Copies Available), Deborah Harry


Taking everything (Remixes) (3 Copies Available), Gerald Levert


Respect (3 Copies Available), Adeva


Make my body rock (feel it) (3 Copies Available), Jomanda


Naked in the rain (Blue Vinyl) (2 Copies Available), Blue Pearl


Naked in the rain, Blue Pearl


Atomic House / Pain (3 Copies Available), DJ Herbie & Lee Marrow


If you buy this record your life will be better (Thunderpuss  remixes) (3 Copies Available), The Tamperer feat. Maya Days


Mainline (3 Copies Available), Tribal House


Movin^ on (Ralphi Rosario Remix) (3 Copies Available), Mya


Here comes that sound, Simon Harris


Bass (How low can you go) (2 Copies Available), Simon Harris


Try me out (Lee Marrow Dub Mixes) (3 Copies Available), Corona


I need a rhythm (4 Copies Available), The 28th St Crew


Phantom of the opera (Techno House Remixes) (4 Copies Available), Harajuku


No Limit (4 Copies Available), 2 Unlimited


Hello (4 Copies Available), State of Grace


Come into my house (4 Copies Available), Queen Latifah


Nobody^s supposed to be here (Hex Hector Remixes) (5 Copies Available), Deborah Cox


Ring my bell (Soul Solution Remixes) (6 Copies Available), Inoj

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