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  Booty-Miami Bass

((((((((((Booty-Miami Bass))))))))))

Give me a bottle, Clay D.

Boom! I got your boyfriend, M.C. Luscious

Whoomp! (There it is) WPGC, KPWR & Sub-Urban Remixes, Tag Team

UHH!! OHH!! *Explicit (LP), Splack Pack (*Track listing - Intro/It ain't nuttin'(Hoe), Let me c-ya work it (Bitch), Nigga run game, Slow head, Sock it 2 me, art of gankin', Shake that ass bitch (Remix), Smoke one, F*ck ah hoe, Dem will get stomp, Scrub da ground, Freestyle, Shake that ass bitch (Original))

*The records below are 10.00 Each or will count as 2 records!!!

Latin Booty Party Jams (Double LP), Various Latin Booty Artists (*Track & Artist listing - (Mami El Negro / DJ LAZ, Pop that Coochie (Slammin' Sama Remix) / The 2 Live Crew, La Hora De Bailar / Sandy and Papo, Pabajo / Felix Sama, Ay Papi (Slammin' Sama Remix) / The 2 Live Crew, Esa Morena / DJ LAZ, Mama Juanita (Laid Back Mixx) / The 2 Live Crew, Negra Chula (Bass Mix) / Angelito Villalano, La Flaca (DJ LAZ Remix) / 2 BMF, Shake a Lil' Somethin (DJ Gusto Mix) / The 2 Live Crew, Munequita / Don Rhingo & Marelo, La Cintura / Don Rhingo, A Que No Telo Quita (Take it off) / Don Rhingo, Mama Juanita (Radio mix) / The 2 Live Crew 

This is Bass (LP), Various Booty Artists (*Track & Artist listing - Throw the D / 2 Live Crew, Sally (That girl) / Gucci Crew II, Boot the booty / MC Cool Rock & MC Chaszy Chess, Bass rock express / MC A.D.E., This is bass / Daddy O and The Ant Man, Give it all you got / Afro-Rican, Smurf Rock / Gigolo Tony, Cars with the boom / L'Trimm) (* 3 Copies Available)

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